About Us


About Us

30 years ago, the story of the furniture began to be rewritten. In the past, he recognized the texture of the tree and the fabric; an original understanding that is familiar with different colors and has elegant textures…

Tarık Karaca is completing his 30th year in the industry by obtaining these three slogans as a roadmap. By integrating grace and elegance into production culture; He has reached 140 dealers in 74 provinces in the country and 48 countries abroad. With R & D studies, market research and a strong trend following, each of his designs; He processes with the mastery of yesterday, the quality of today and the dreams of tomorrow.

Company profile

Tarık Karaca made acquainted with different colors when he started to produce kitchen projects and furniture. So exactly 30 years ago. How; If you know someone you have known for 30 years, Tarık Karaca also recognizes colors. Because the most colorful place in the world is the kitchen. Thousands of colors and the most beautiful gifts of nature meet in that kitchen. Those colors meet with Tarık Karaca before they enter those kitchens, moreover, lives. A thousand and one harmony of this experience and color are now familiar to us, Whichever world we design among thousands of combinations, our designs do not take on that color, but transform.

Brand Story

Tarık Karaca is completing its 30th year in the sector as a strong brand that grew up in the kitchen of this business and left its mark on the roads he passed while growing up. He thinks like an alchemist, listens to different forms in his designs and feels their harmony with each other. When the first nail is hammered, the first sanding work is done, the tree is sprinkled with talismanic dust of a new model, when the fabric slips from the master's palm like the hands of a newborn baby, the design is already finished and the final state of the work has been seen.



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    After starting production activities as Karaca Furniture in 1987, the production of wooden home furniture started.

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    In 2003, Tarık Karaca started to design kitchen projects in order to be the project architect of living spaces, with both retail and project-based works; differentiated with its design line in the sector and continued on its way.

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    In 2010, it re-entered the production of furniture under its own brand, Tarık Karaca. Tarık Karaca, who started exporting rapidly in 2011, continued his brand journey.

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    In 2020, Tarık Karaca continues his brand journey with strong steps in the field of kitchen projects and furniture production.