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About Us 30 years ago, the story of the furniture began to be rewritten. In the past, he recognized the texture of the tree and the fabric; an original understanding that is familiar with different colors and has elegant textures… Tarık Karaca is completing his 30th year in the industry by obtaining these three slogans as a roadmap. By integrating grace and elegance into production culture; He has reached 140 dealers in 74 provinces in the country and 48 countries abroad. With R & D studies, market research and a strong trend following, each of his designs; He processes with the mastery of yesterday, the quality of today and the dreams of tomorrow. Company profile Tarık Karaca made acquainted with different colors when he s...


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A new collectionn

Welcome to the new world of design.

We invite you to discover these unique designs with a world inspired by the diversity and nature of the lands we live in. Each design of our new collection is unique, has been meticulously crafted and refined with quality, targeting your satisfaction. Get on your back and embrace a quiet breathing space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Welcome to the world of Tarık Karaca.

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